In honour of Mother’s Day this month, we got Eugene See, our Kia Brand Ambassador, to pay tribute to the most important woman in his life. Find out more about their fondest moments, and how they spend quality time by travelling to work together - in his Kia Optima, of course!

Driving to work with Mum
Telling us about the close relationship that he shares with his mother, Eugene said: "My mum and I work in the same office, so we head to work together almost daily. I’m incredibly lucky to be able to do so with her, as it gives us a chance to catch up, talk about anything, drive around, and go out for some good food!"

"Of course, we are more serious while at work but, occasionally, I will sneak up to her and give her a hug!"

Their favourite Optima features
The spaciousness and the quiet drive that the Optima offers are what Eugene and his mother love most about the sedan. “There is so much space available that my mum and our passengers can sit comfortably while we are travelling around,” explained Eugene.

“We’ve ferried family and friends before, and they’ve all had pleasant journeys because of the space afforded.”

He also shared that the Auto Parking Hold feature makes his drives much smoother ones, especially while waiting at traffic lights or in slow-moving traffic. “I don’t have to keep stepping on the brake pedal! This makes driving so much more relaxing and hassle-free.”

Mother’s Day plans
What, then, are the dynamic duo doing to celebrate the all-important Mother’s Day? Eugene revealed: “Typically, we would head out for a nice dinner as a family to celebrate together. I’ll give her a bouquet of flowers, and definitely lots of hugs! This year, I got her a new mobile phone and she is quite enjoying it as we speak!”

Road trip in the comfort of the Optima
With the easy handling and premium features that the Optima brings, Eugene has plans beyond just this Mother’s Day. An avid driving enthusiast, he hopes to embark on a road trip all the way to Mongolia some day.

“I want to enjoy the vast open space and fresh air, to enjoy the view and the culture. I think it would be a very interesting trip!” he expressed.

About Eugene
Cruising through the Kia Experience event and Kia Ambassador Selection Challenge last year, Eugene See demonstrated superior motoring knowledge and proficiency as he bested his contenders to become our Kia Brand Ambassador. He was also recently named Kia’s Best Global Ambassador - congratulations, Eugene!